3 things Photographers can do to support the Community and Build Relationships during COVID-19

I must start off by saying that I do not like that COVID-19 is now featuring on our blog, but I have been inspired to address some of the issues that have come up because of it.

Community is important to me, and it has been affected in that we can no longer meet up as freely as we used to. There are many ways this pandemic has affected individuals in our communities, and so here are ways to support the community as only a photographer can:

LinkedIn and CV Portraits

Set up a home studio and invite those who need to update their corporate head shots to make an appointment with you. This is a great way to support those who are currently looking for a job, or just looking to update their online profiles.

Keep hand sanitizer at your front door, and wear a face mask while you shoot. For added safety, do not schedule more than one person at a time to keep the number of people in your home low.

Social Media Content Creation

Support a local business by making a purchase and creating images for their social media. With the majority of the people staying home, most companies are focusing on their digital strategies. Use the content for your portfolio, as well as giving that business a shout out on your social media for your followers to support.

Partner up with other creatives

If there are any graphic designers, web developers, or other creatives in your area that you know, now is a great time to offer your services. You can do this by taking photographs for them to use in their work, or by sourcing images through different stock image sites, and resizing them as needed.

Doing this saves the designer time, and is valuable support on projects that do not have high budgets for images.

If there are any other ways you think photographers can support their communities right now, let us know!